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Tomb Raider: Underworld Cheats "Trophies" (PS3)

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Trophy How To Unlock
Artifact Hunter

Find 10 artifacts.

Do more than 2 wall-jumps with zig-zag jumps. Exploration of Andaman Sea - Complete the exploration of andaman sea.
Exploration of Croft Residence

Complete the exploration of croft residence.

Kill 2 enemies with 1 grenade.
Investigation of the Mediterranean Ruins

Complete the investigation of the mediterranean ruins.
Investigation of the North Pole Sea Ruins

Complete the investigation of the north pole sea ruins.
Investigation of the South Mexico Ruins

Complete the investigation of south mexico ruins.
Investigation of the Thailand Ruins

Complete the investigation of the thailand ruins.
Investigations of the Yanmaien Island Ruins

Complete the investigation of the yanmaien island ruins.

Clear the prologue.

Kill an enemy with your motorcycle.
Speed Demon 1

Rush towards and enter xibalba.
Speed Demon 2

Rush downwards to the bottom of valgrind.
Speed Demon 3

Rush and break through the valhalla maze.
Swan Diver I

Swan dive from the platform on top of the craken`s head.
Swan Diver II

Swan dive from the platform that is at the top of the large ship in the mediterranean.
Swan Diver III

Swan dive from the platform into the ocean in thailand.
Treasure Hunter

Find 10 treasures.
Weapon Expert

Do an adrenaline attack headshot.
Mediterranean Sea Expedition

Complete the Mediterranean Sea Expedition.
Croft Manor Expedition

Complete the Croft Manor Expedition.
Jan Mayen Island Expedition

Complete the Jan Mayen Island Expedition.
Andaman Sea Expedition

Complete the Andaman Sea Expedition.
Master Climber

Do more than 4 wall-jumps that include zig-zag jumps.
Master Grenadier

Kill 3 enemies with 1 grenade.
Master Roadkiller

Kill 5 enemies with your motorcycle.
Passionate Artifact Hunter

Find 3 artifacts.
Passionate Treasure Hunter

Find 100 treasures.
Skilled Treasure Hunter

Find 50 treasures.
Survival Master

Complete the game in the hardest difficulty.
Weapon Master

Do 10 adrenaline attack headshots.
Coastal Thailand Expedition

Complete the Coastal Thailand Expedition.
Southern Mexico Expedition

Complete the Southern Mexico Expedition.
Arctic Sea Expedition

Complete the Arctic Sea Expedition.
Master Artifact Hunter

Find 6 artifacts.
Master Speed Demon

Do all three speed demon challenges.
Master Swan Diver

Do all three swan dives.
Master Treasure Hunter

Find 179 treasures.
Master of Tomb Raider: Underworld

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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