Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

"DLC" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
Everyone has a weakness
Defeat G1 Megatron with G1 Starscream (MP Only).
Jazz Hands
Kill Movie Megatron with Movie Jazz using melee (MP Only).
Prime Target
Defeat G1 Optimus using G1 Megatron (MP Only).
Quest for Survival
Win a on each new map.
Sideswiped defeats Sideways (MP Only).
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave defeats Long Haul (MP Only).
Ultimate Weapon
Defeat G1 Megatron using G1 Optimus (MP Only).
Megatrons Massive Plan
Complete the Decepticon Campaign on expert with a 75% completion.
The Autobot Run
Complete the Autobot Campaign on expert with a 75% completion.

Rating 2


Trophy How To Unlock
Aerialbot Assault
Medal in all autobot deep six missions.
And So It Begins...
Unlock a single unlockable in either campaign.
Awesome Trophy!
Eliminate 250 decepticons in autobot campaign.
Bad Boys
Eliminate 350 autobots in decepticon campaign.
Break the Bank
Acquire 3,000,000 energon in decepticon campaign.
Cast in Bronze
Earn a bronze medal in either campaign.
Unlock a new zone in either campaign.
Choose a Side
Win one ranked/player match game as autobots and as decepticons.
Coast to Coast
Medal in all decepticon east coast missions.
Do the Math
Acquire 2,000,000 energon in autobot campaign.
Down to Chinatown
Medal in all autobot shanghai missions.
East Side
Medal in all autobot east coast missions.
Follow the Leader
While playing one shall stand, as the leader, kill the opposing leader in a ranked/player match game.
Golden Boy
Earn a gold medal in either campaign.
Grind On
Purchase an upgrade in either campaign.
Win a control point round without losing a control point in a ranked/player match game.
Medal in all decepticon cairo missions.
Life of the Party
Host one game of each game type in a player match game.
Not Gold Enough
Earn a silver medal in either campaign.
On the Board
Make it into the top 100000 on SP leaderboards in either campaign.
One Shall Fall
Defeat optimus prime decepticon campaign.
One Shall Stand
Defeat megatron in autobot campaign.
Platty For The Win!
Earn a platinum medal in either campaign.
Power to the People
Purchase all autobot upgrades.
Rise of The Fallen
Medal in decepticon deep six mission.
Medal in all decepticon shanghai missions.
Spoils of War
Purchase all decepticon upgrades.
The Dagger's Tip
Medal in all autobot cairo missions.
The Living Dead
Viral - Kill someone with viral trophy, then taunt them in a ranked/player match game.
West Coast For The Win!
Medal in all decepticon west coast missions.
West Side
Medal in all autobot west coast missions.
You've got the Touch
Fill overdrive meter in either campaign.
Good Mojo
Make it into the top 10000 on sp leaderboards in either campaign.
Smells Like Victory
Win a match as each of the 15 default characters.
Only a Prime
Defeat The Fallen as Optimus.
Defeat the Fallen as Megatron.
A True Autobot
Earn a platinum medal on all autobot missions.
A True Decepticon
Earn a platinum medals on all decepticon missions.
Make it into the top 1000 on sp leaderboards in either campaign.
Now I've Really Seen It All
Unlock all decepticon unlockables.
Now I've Seen It All
Unlock all autobot unlockables.
More Than Meets the Eye
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons at "Main Menu" > "Cheat Codes".

All Cairo Missions and Zones R3, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE, L3, L1.
All Deep Si Missions and Zones SQUARE, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, L1.
All East Coast Missions and Zones R3, L3, R1, X, CIRCLE, SQUARE.
All Shanghai Missions and Zones TRIANGLE, L3, R3, L1, TRIANGLE, X.
All West Coast Missions and Zones L1, R1, R3, TRIANGLE, R3, CIRCLE.
Always in Overdrive Mode L1, CIRCLE, L1, X, SQUARE, R3.
Extra Energon (4X from defeated enemies) TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, R3, X, TRIANGLE.
Increased Enemy Accuracy TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, SQUARE, L1.
Increased Enemy Damage L1, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE, R3, R3.
Increased Enemy Health CIRCLE, SQUARE, L1, CIRCLE, R3, TRIANGLE.
Increased Weapon Damage in Root Form TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, R3, X, L1, TRIANGLE
Increased Weapon Damage in Vehicle Form- TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, R1, SQUARE, R3, L3. Invincibility R3, X, SQUARE, L3, SQUARE, SQUARE.
Low Gravity Mode(jump higher and longer)- SQUARE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, L3, TRIANGLE, L3. Lower Enemy Accuracy SQUARE, L3, R3, L3, R3, R1.
Melee Instant Kill R3, X, L1, CIRCLE, R3, L1.
No Special Cool Down Time R3, SQUARE, R3, R3, SQUARE, X.
No Weapon Overheat L3, SQUARE, X, L3, TRIANGLE, L1.
Plas as G1 Starscream CIRCLE, X, CIRCLE, R1, TRIANGLE, R1.
Play as Autobot Protectobot Scout MP (singleplayer only, does not work in Deep 6) R3, L1, L1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X.
Play as Gold Megatron(multiplayer mode) DOWN, UP, RIGHT(2), LEFT, UP.
Play as Gold Optimus Prime(multiplayer mode) UP, DOWN, LEFT(2), RIGHT, DOWN.
Plays as Decepticon Seeker Warrior MP (singleplayer only) SQUARE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, L1, X, L1.
Special Kill Only CIRCLE, CIRCLE, R1, CIRCLE, X, L3.
Unlimited Turbo CIRCLE, L3, SQUARE, R3, X, TRIANGLE.