Uncharted Trilogy Edition PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Drake's Fortune: Cheat Codes

Unlock the following rewards by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons at the Rewards menu:

Concept Art: Bonus 1 L2, RIGHT, UP, SQUARE, LEFT, TRIANGLE, R1, DOWN.
Concept Art: Bonus 2 SQUARE, L1, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, R2, TRIANGLE, UP.
Costumes (Heroes): Baseball shirt Drake LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, TRIANGLE, R1, L1, SQUARE.
Making a Cutscene: Grave Robbing LEFT, R2, RIGHT, UP, L2, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, DOWN.
Making a Cutscene: Time's Up L1, RIGHT, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, TRIANGLE, R1, UP.