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Valkyria Chronicles Cheats "Unlockable Enemy Ace Weapons" (PS3)


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Unlockable Enemy Ace Weapons

Unlock the following weapons by defeating the corresponding enemy aces in the specified chapters. Use "Recon Request" to find an ace:
Firing Calculator In report: flower of the battlefield, defeat toiold the bull.
VB FW 1(g) In chapter 11, defeat cpt. nonnenkof.
VB FW 2(g) In report: war without weapons, defeat fujmolt the edge.
ZM Kar 1(g) In chapter 2, defeat segular the wall.
ZM Kar 2(g) In chapter 7 defeat kanazar the lion.
ZM Kar 3(g) In chapter 10a defeat oswald the iron.
ZM Kar 4(g) In chapter 13 defeat sima the younger.
ZM Kar 5(g) In chapter 15a defeat ozwald the steel.
ZM MP 1(g) In chapter 3, defeat ty the immortal.
ZM MP 2(g) In chapter 5, defeat lt. nonnenkof.
ZM MP 3(g) In chapter 8a, defeat ty the immortal.
ZM MP 4(g) In chapter 14, defeat sima the elder.
ZM MP 5(g) In chapter 17, defeat ty the immortal.
ZM SG 1(g) In chapter 6, defeat malya the dust.
ZM SG 2(g) In chapter 8b, defeat zytreet the lynx.
ZM SG 3(g) In chapter 10b, defeat tavyse the beast.
ZM SG 4(g) In chapter 12, defeat mash the hunter.
ZM SG 5(g) In chapter 16, defeat shuntr the mount.

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