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Valkyrie Of The Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles Cheats "Enemy Ace weapons and tank parts" (PS3)


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Enemy Ace weapons and tank parts

Fin the the following enemy Ace weapons and tank parts in the corresponding locations of the specified chapters:
Chapter 10a: Oswald the Iron (ZM Kar 3) north-west of the map; you must take the second train to go up there or shoot him from the bridge with a sniper/tank.
Chapter 10b: Tavyse the Beast (ZM SG 3) south-east of the map; you must take the train to reach him.
Chapter 11: Cpt. Nonnenkof (VB FW 1) just north-west of the enemy main camp.
Chapter 12: Mash the Hunter (ZM SG 4) and Yosnoa the Hound (Enhanced Block Pin for Edelweiss) at the beginning, Mash is the tank and Yosnoa is in their main camp.
Chapter 13: Sima the Younger (ZM Kar 4) west of the map behind the bunker.
Chapter 14: Sima the Elder (ZM MP 4) At the beginning shooting at someone.
Chapter 15a: Ozwald the Steel (ZM Kar 5) and Matz the Cleaner (Firing Calculator for Edelweiss) Ozwald is hiding in grass north-east of the map and Matz is a big tank just south-west of Ozwald.
Chapter 16: Shuntr the Mount (ZM SG 5) a sniper at the end of the map.
Chapter 17: Ty the Immortal (ZM MP 5) in the south-western enemy base; he will run to the south in a small alley with sandbags.
Chapter 2: Segular the Wall (ZM Kar 1) north-east of your tank in turn 3.
Chapter 3: Ty the Immortal (ZM MP 1) second grass field north of your tank.
Chapter 5: Lt Nonnenkof (ZM MP 2) south-west corner of the enemy base.
Chapter 6: Malya the Dust (ZM SG 1) north-east of the map behind an L wall.
Chapter 7: Kanazar the Lion (ZM Kar 2) coming with selvaria.
Chapter 8a: Ty the Immortal (ZM MP 3) north-west of the map.
Chapter 8b: Zytreet the Lynx ((ZM SG 2) center of the map.
Flower of the Battle Field: Toiold the Bull (Firing Calculator for Shamrock) a big tank you will have to destroy to win the battle.
War Without Weapons: Fujmolt the Edge (VB FW 2) in the second grass north of the tree.

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