Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Cheats

Rating 3

Costumes C and D

To unlock costume C, reach 1st Dan rank in Quest mode. To unlock costume D, complete the first orb disc.

Rating 3

Select win pose

During a replay after a match, hold any of the four directional buttons before the game approaches the "Winner" screen. The win pose is determined by which directional button is held. (For example, hold LEFT while Akira wins a match to do his "Juunen hayaindayo!" pose.)

Rating 2

Arcade mode Route B

Hold Guard or Punch at the "Yes or No" prompt at the character selection screen in Arcade mode. Keep the button held until the match begins. This mode has a different order fighters that appear.

Rating 1

Dojo training stages

To unlock the Dojo training stages, complete Time Attack mode in Command Training. Then, in Vs. mode after choosing the fighters press Down, Down for the fenced Dojo stage or Up, Up for the fence-less Dojo stage.

Rating 1

Movie theater custom characters

In the VFTV Movie Theater, hold Left and press X while choosing the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen demo movies. Any character customizations you made will appear in the movie.

Rating 1

Alternate introduction sequence

Unlock Dural to view an alternate introduction sequence.

Rating 0

Unlock Dural

To unlock Dural, beat Arcade mode with every character. Dural will be unlocked in Versus and Arcade modes.

Rating 0

Arcade mode fighting order

To change the order of the fighters in Arcade mode, at the character selection screen hold punch or guard at the "Yes or No" prompt.

Rating 0

Demo mode

To unlock Demo mode, go to "VF.TV" > "Exhibition Match". Hold L1 + R1 and press X at the character selection screen. The demo mode will play random matches by itself.

Rating 0

SEGA balloon item battles

Complete the "Virtua Fighter World Tournament Finals" in Quest mode. When the SEGA balloon randomly appears on the Quest mode map screen, fight in any arena. The next 10 battles will be item battles.

Rating 0

"SEEEEGA" tune easter egg

To play the "SEEEGA" tune from the old Genesis console, hold circle while the game loading.