WALL-E PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Axiom secret area level

Free every one of the 7 reject bots in the tumbler on Level 5 to unlock this secret level from the Unlocked Level Select option on the main menu.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Unlock the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords at the options menu:

All Bonus Features WALL-E, Auto, EVE, HALT
All Game Content M-O, Auto, HALT, EVE
All Holiday Costumes Auto, Auto, HALT, HALT
All Multiplayer Costumes HALT, WALL-E, M-O, Auto
All Multiplayer Maps EVE, M-O, WALL-E, Auto
All Single Player Levels Auto, HALT, M-O, WALL-E
Credits Auto, WALL-E, HALT, M-O
Eve always has Super Laser EVE, WALL-E, WALL-E, Auto
Invincibility WALL-E, M-O, Auto, M-O
Make any cube at anytime Auto, M-O, Auto, M-O
Wall-E always has Laser WALL-E, EVE, EVE, WALL-E
Wall-E always has Super Laser WALL-E, Auto, EVE, M-O
Wall-E and Eve always have Laser ZPM, EVE, M-O, WALL-E
Wall-E and Eve can make any Cube anytime M-O, ZPM, EVE, EVE
Wall-E can make any Cube anytime M-O, HALT, EVE, EVE

Rating 0

In-game cheats

Enter these in the following order at the in-game cheats menu:

1. BOTOFWAR Brutally kill all in range
2. STEALTHARMOR Invisible to enemies
3. RAINBOWLAZER Lasers cycle colors
4. EXPLOSIVEWORLD All regular cubes become explosive
5. GLOWINTHEDARK Dark areas light up
6. BOTOFMYSTERY Wall-E wears goggles
7. GOLDENTRACKS Tracks are made of gold