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Warhawk Cheats "Defend your base in Capture The Flag" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PSP


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Defend your base in Capture The Flag

To easily defend your base on Island Outpost, make a barricade with one tank and a jeep on the left-hand exit of your base with the flag (the one with the machine gun turret on both sides and a flak gun on the right). Place the tank on one side parked perpendicular to the roadway, then put the jeep behind it also perpendicular to the road. Toss a grenade at the jeep and two at the tank. They will both be almost destroyed so if an opponent jumps in you can easily destroy him. As enemies try driving through the barricade they will get stuck and must either reverse to try another way in or jump out of their vehicle once it hits the barricade. This just adds to its effect. Use the Bluetooth headset to inform your team as to what you are doing so that no one takes a vehicle. Make sure to stay and help kill anyone who tries to get your flag.

2 years ago

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