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Warhawk Cheats "Easy ranks hint" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PSP


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Easy ranks hint

  • Create a player-ranked game and set the flag return time to "0". Have a friend on the other team and play until there are at least eight people. Ban everyone except for your friend on the other team, then go to the place where the other team's flag spawns and steal it, but stay exactly where it spawns. Have your friend stand close to you. Then, aim at him and rapidly tap TRIANGLE. If done correctly, the flag will flash back and forth between you and your friend and you will each get two points each time TRIANGLE is pressed.

  • To get a higher rank easily, go to "Local Games" and to your call sign. Enter any desired rank. Note: This only works once; entering the highest possible rank is recommended.

2 years ago

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