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Warhawk Cheats "Rank awards" (PS3)

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Rank awards

1st Lieutenant (50,000) Team Cross
2nd Lieutenant (35,000) Distinguished Air Superiority
Air Marshal (170,000) Warhawk Executive Award
Airman (100) None
Airman 1st Class (500) Bandit Teamwork
Brigadier General (250,000) Presidential Meritorious Conduct
Captain (90,000) Air Combat
Chief Sergeant (2,500) Bandit Ground Combat
Cmdr Marshal (190,000) Warhawk Service
Cmdr Sergeant (25,000) Warhawk Aerial Gunnery
Colonel (230,000) 100 Warhawk Wings
Commander (70,000) Combat
General (275,000) Distinguished Air Combat
Lt. Colonel (210,000) Distinguished Combat
Major (150,000) Warhawk Exemplary Service
Recruit (0) None
Sergeant (1,250) Warhawk Recruiting
Sergeant Major (15,000) Bandit Tank
Wing Leader (9,000) Bandit 4x4
Wingman (5,000) Bandit Air to Air

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