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WWE '13 Cheats "Unlockable Arenas" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Unlockable Arenas

The following arenas are unlocked in the corresponding chapters of the Attitude Era mode on any difficulty setting:
Attitude Era Backstage 'Mankind' chapter.
Badd Blood '97 'Rise Of DX' chapter.
Breakdown '98 'Brothers Of Destruction' chapter.
Halftime Heat Empty 'Mankind' chapter.
Judgment Day '98 'Brothers Of Destruction' chapter.
King Of The Ring '98 'Brothers Of Destruction' chapter.
One Night Only '97 'Rise Of DX' chapter.
Over the Edge '98 'Austin 3:16' chapter.
Raw '98 'The Great One' chapter.
Rock Bottom '98 'Mankind' chapter.
Royal Rumble '98 'Austin 3:16' chapter.
Royal Rumble '99 'Mankind' chapter.
SmackDown '99 'Off Script' chapter.
St. Valentine's Day Massacre '99 'WrestleMania XV' chapter.
SummerSlam '97 'WrestleMania XV' chapter.
SummerSlam '98 'Brothers Of Destruction' chapter.
Sunday Night Heat 'Off Script' chapter.
Survivor Series '97 'Rise Of DX' chapter.
Survivor Series '98 'The Great One' chapter.
Unforgiven '98 'Austin 3:16' chapter.
WrestleMania XIV 'Austin 3:16' chapter.
WrestleMania XV Arena 'WrestleMania XV' chapter.

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