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WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011 Cheats "Unlockable Challenges" (PS3)

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Unlockable Challenges

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:
Week 11 Find Legacy backstage. Fight them 2-on-1 at Superstars. 
Week 4 After the Peep Show, before talking to Tiffany, go to the top locker room on the map and talk to Regal. 
Week 5 Find Kane and get challenged to an Inferno Match. 
Week 7 Find CM Puink in the hallways and talk to him. 
Week 9 Find Jericho in the trainer's room. 
WrestleMania Check the Green Room to challenge Stone Cold. 

Vs. Undertaker
Royal Rumble Backstage Brawl: Ziggler. 
Week 12 Backstage Brawl: Batista. 
Week 2 Backstage Brawl: Randy Orton. 
Week 3 Backstage Brawl: Kozlov. 
Week 9 Tables Match: Big Show. 
WrestleMania Last Man Standing: The Rock. 

Chris Jericho
Week 1 Singles Match: The Miz. 
Week 5 SuperStars: Santino (talk to Santino at the Royal Rumble to set this up). 
Week 7 Parking Lot: Cena. 
Week 8 Diva Match: Maryse vs. Beth. 
Week 11 Singles Match: Santino vs Big Show (talk to Santino in the hall to setup your interference). 
WrestleMania Singles Match: Find Steamboat in the Green Room. 

Rey Mysterio
Week 3 Submission Match: Jericho. 
Week 4 6 Man Tag: Los Conquistadors. 
Week 6 Singles Match: R Truth. 
Week 9 Singles Match: Bourne vs Orton (talk to Orton in top Locker Room at Elim Chamber to set this up). 
Week 10 Cage: Hurricane (talk to him in the lower locker room to set this up before teaming with RVD). 
WrestleMania Extreme Rules: Terry Funk (find him in the Green Room). 

John Cena
Week 4 Backstage Brawl: Confront Sheamus in the middle Locker Room. 
Week 5 Tag Match on SD: Fight Truth & Consequences (talk to MVP to set this up). 
Week 7 Tag Match on SD: Truth & Consequences for the titles (unlocks civilian MVP). 
Week 8 Backstage Brawl: Legacy (unlocks civilian Cena & entrance). 
Week 11 Tag Team: with Santino vs. Legacy. 
WrestleMania Singles Match: Vince in the Green Room.

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