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Yakuza 4 Cheats "Challenge Unlockables" (PS3)


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Challenge Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses from Bob B at Naomi's Place by completing the corresponding challenges:
Amon's Sunglasses Defeat Amon.
Beads of Good Fortune Complete Challenge Lockers (unlock all one hundred lockers, under and above ground).
Dragon Sarashi Complete Challenge Hostess Maker (complete all hostess side missions for Hostess Maker).
Dragon Shirt Complete Challenge No.1 Hostess Maker (train all hostesses to reach the number one spot).
Ebisu Socks Complete Challenge IF7-R (defeat all enemies).
Golden Gun Complete Challenge Mini-games (complete each mini-game).
Hercules Gauntlet Complete Challenge Modding (make all weapons and gear for both Works Kamiyama shops).
Journal fo a Rare Sign Maniac Complete Challenge Fighter Maker (all apprentices have won the Rookie Tournament).
Kokurenkai Belt Complete all of Akiyama's side missions.
Kokurenkai Headband Complete all of Tanimura's side missions.
Kokurenkai Undergarment Complete all of Saekima's side missions.
Limbo 2 Night of the Limbo - Complete all of Kiryu's side missions.
Luck Mallet Complete Challenge Hostesses (complete all hostess side missions).
Lucky Binding Complete Challenge Dining (order everything on the menu at every restaurant).
Muramasa Blade Complete Challenge Coliseum (win all tournaments).
Rage Armor Complete Challenge Police Scanner (solve cases received on the scanner).
Rage Bracelet Complete Challenge Gang Encounters (defeat all gangs).
Rage Talisman Complete Challenge Friends (become friends with specific people around the city).
Sacred Tree Arm Guards Complete Challenge Master's Helper (complete all of Master's tasks).
Sacred Tree Armor Complete Challenge Saigo's Training (complete all of Saigo's training courses).
Sacred Tree Shin Guards Complete Challenge Nair's Kumite (help Nair reach her objective).
Substitude Stone Complete Challenge Revelations (see all revelations).
War God Amulet Complete Challenge HEAT Action (use all HEAT Actions).
War God Talisman Complete Ultimate Skills at the main menu.

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