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Zen Pinball 2 Cheats ""Star Wars Pinball" trophies" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PS4  |  VITA  |  Wii U


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"Star Wars Pinball" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock

Earn your first rank by completing the clone training on the Clone Wars table.
The Great Pit of Carkoon

Make 10 jumps in a row over the Sarlacc pit on the Boba Fitt table!
So, you want to become a Jedi?

Complete a Training mode on the Star Wars Episode V table.
Purge the World

Purge the galaxy by defeating both Sith Lords on the Clone Wars table!
The 501st Legion

Travel through Wild Space to fight the Battle of Kamino on the Boba Fett table!
I am your father

Uncover the dark secret of Darth Vader at the end of Scene 6 on the Star Wars Episode V table.

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