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Blacklight: Retribution PS4 Cheats

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Trophy How To Unlock
Mechanized Soldier

Kill 50 enemies with the Hardsuit.

Kill 10 Hardsuits with the Flamethrower.
Bread Winner

Earn 50,000 GP.
Field Agent

Reach Level 10.
Star Agent

Reach Level 34.
Top Agent

Reach Level Cap.
Who Needs Friends?

Played 20 Matches of Deathmatch.
One Life to Live

Played 20 Matches of Search and Destroy.
Team Player

Played 20 Matches of Team Deathmatch.

Played 20 Matches of Capture the Flag.
No One Left Behind

Played 20 Matches of Kill Confirmed.

Played 20 Matches of Onslaught.
To the Bitter End

Complete a Match of Onslaught.
Damn, I look Good

Fully Customize your Agent.
This is My Rifle

Fully Customize a primary weapon.
This is My Gun

Fully Customize a secondary weapon.
This is For Shooting

Purchase Ammo from the Depot 10 times.
This is For Fun

Taunt During a Match 100 times.
Big Winner

Earn 3500 CP in a single match.
Mission Accomplished

Earn all Other Trophies in Blacklight: Retribution.

5 months ago

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Blacklight: Retribution PS4 Q&A

I get 1300 CP in a round, head to the depot, buy the hardsuit beacon, but I still can't make it appear.

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Answer from OutlawMarston

It's still in beta stage basically, so no trophies yet. Hopefully they improve things soon because so far the game stinks ;(

Respond no game game on