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Pure Pool PS4 Cheats

Game also available for:   XBOX ONE  |  PC

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Trophy How To Unlock
8 Balled

Win an 8-Ball game.
9 Balled

Win a 9-Ball game.
Cue'd Up

Complete the tutorial.
DNA Sample

Download a players DNA.
Mixed Accolades

Gain 10 different accolades.
A Chain of Accolades

Gain 10 accolades of the same type.
Challenge Accepted

Play 4 different challenges.
Pure Pool Talented

Reach 'Talented' rank.
Pure Pool Pro

Reach 'Pro' rank.
Almost an angel

Win 3 consecutive games of 8-Ball without fouling.

Pot 3 or more balls off the break.
Did you mean to do that?

Win by the opponent potting the black illegally.
Perfect indeed!

Clear the table in the Perfect Potter challenge.
Get out of that one.

Put an opponent in a snooker.
That the best you've got?

Get out of a snooker.
Banked It!

Play a bank shot and pot.

Play a double shot and pot.
The bigger they are..

Beat a player with a higher rank.
Racking them up

Complete a 3 online game win streak.
On a Roll

Complete a 6 online game win streak.
Showing them how it's done

Complete a 9 online game win streak.
Putting it Out There

Issue a challenge.

Clear the table in 8-Ball in less than 70 seconds.
Can I Have My Ball Back?

Knock a ball off the table.
League of Your Own

Create a pool league.
In different league

Win a pool league.
8-Ball Century

Win 100 games of 8-Ball.
9-Ball Century

Win 100 games of 9-Ball.
Amateur 8-Ball Champ

Win the amateur 8-Ball career.
Pro 8-Ball Champ

Win the pro 8-Ball career.
Master 8-Ball Champ

Win the master 8-Ball career.
Amateur 9-Ball Champ

Win the amateur 9-Ball career.
Pro 9-Ball Champ

Win the pro 9-Ball career.
Master 9-Ball Champ

Win the master 9-Ball career.
Stars in Your Eyes

Win 100 Stars in career mode.
More Mixed Accolades

Gain 25 different accolades.
Accolade Century

Gain 100 accolades of the same type.
Pure Pool Veteran

Reach 'Veteran' rank.
Don't give up your day job!

8 ball your opponent in a game of 8 Ball.
Bank Rolled!

Win a game with a bank shot.
They're seeing double!

Win a game with a double shot.
Winning the Hard Way

Win a game of 9-Ball with the 1-Ball still on the table.
The Ultimate Accolade

Gain at least 1 of each accolade.
Pure Pool Grand Master

Reach 'Grand Master' rank.
Pure Trophy

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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