Ace Combat X: Skies Of Deception Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 4

Unlockable Medals

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bronze Ace - Destroy 200 enemies
Expert Marksman - Destroy 50 aircraft with guns
Eye of the Storm - Defeat the Gleipnir
Freedom Tower - Liberate Griswall
Gold Ace - Destroy 1,000 enemies
Land Guardian - Keep allied casualties at Stand Canyon to a minimum
Mark of the Vioarr - Defeat the Fefnir
Marksman - Destroy 5 aircraft with guns
Sea Guardian - Keep damage to the allied fleet at Terminus Island to a minimum
Sharpshooter - Destroy 15 aircraft with guns
Silver Ace - Destroy 500 enemies

Rating 3

Avoid Meson Cannon attacks

Fly over 600 mph, or lower than the buildings that have the cannon mounted on them, to avoid the Meson Cannon attacks (even if it has the MBSR),

Rating 2

Unlockable Aircraft

Unlock the following aircraft by performing the corresponding tasks:

ADF-01 Falken - Complete SP Stage - Operation X.
Fenrir - Complete Campaign mode on Ace difficulty.
XFA-27 - Complete Mission 03B.

Rating 1

Unlockable Stages

Unlock the following Stages by performing the corresponding tasks:

SP Stage: Operation X - Complete all missions and mission branches
Stage 03B: Captive City - Complete Stage 05 or 06 before Stage 04
Stage 07C: Time Limit - Complete Stages 07, 09, 11, and 07C in that order
Stage 12C: Wild Card - Complete Stages 07, 08, 10, 09, and 12C in that orde

Rating 1

Increase Missile Hit Rate hint

To increase the chances of missiles hitting their targets, fire rounds off with your machinegun. This causes the AI to slow down in an attempt at dodging all of those bullets, making them more likely to get hit by the missiles.

Rating 0

Unlockable Special Parts

Unlock the following parts for purchase by completing the corresponding missions with the listed aircraft with an "S" rank:

Earth Shaker cockpit ($34,200) - Mission 03A with Apalis.
Sylph Wing wing ($55,600) - Mission 01 with Cariburn.
Laser Extender weapon ($69,800) - Mission 10A with Falken.
Diffusion Coat armor ($49,600) - Mission 09A with Forneus.
Hydra Engine engine ($51,600) - Mission 02 with Fregata.
Long Range MSSL weapon ($45,100) - Mission 13A with X-02.
Scarface MBS weapon ($76,500) - Mission 04B with XFA-27.

Rating 0

Deactivating the SAMs on Mission 11 hint:

To deactivate the SAMs, either get rid of the electric plants that jam your electronics or aim the Falkens laser manually at the jammers.

Rating 0

Unlock Ace mode

Complete Campaign mode on Hard difficulty to unlock Ace difficulty.