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Bleach: Heat The Soul 3 Cheats "Unlockable Partners" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Partners

Play Soul Road on the Normal or Hard difficulty setting with the specified character. When a question is answered correctly, the answer will be the name of the character that is unlocked. You must hit the blue spot with at least 60% Trust so that the question appears:

Hanatarou - Play as Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Iba Tetsuzaemon - Play as Rangiku
Ikkaku - Play as Renji or Bankai Renji
Isane - Play as Hinamori
Isshin - Play as Chad
Karin - Play as Chad
Keigo - Play as Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Kojima Mizuiro - Play as Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Kon - Play as Rukia or Shinigami Rukia
Kuukaku - Play as Yoruichi
Tousen - Play as Gin
Unohana - Play as Ishida or Final State Quincy Ishida
Ururu - Play as Urahana
Yumichika - Play as Kenpachi
Yuzu - Play as Urahana

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