Chili Con Carnage Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 5

Unlockable Infinite Ammo Weapons

Unlock a chili for infinite ammunition for the following weapons by completing the corresponding levels without your combo meter reaching zero:

AK-47 - "Need A Ride level
Combat Shotgun (Spaz) - "Ay Mama" level
Grenade launcher - "Arena Del Toro" level
Heavy handgun (Python) - "Mucho Manure" level
Heavy machine gun - "Los Toros" level
Hunting Rifle - "Cargo Chaos" level
M-16 - "Rooftop Inferno" level
Rifle - "Something Rotten" level
Rocket launcher - "Final Mission" level
Shotgun - "Abandon Ship" level
Submachine Gun (Uzi) - "Nice Wheels" level

Rating 2

Unlockable characters

To unlock bonus characters, earn a Gold medal in the "Arena Del Toro" and "Getting Tanked!" levels. Also, earn a Silver medal in the "Ay Mama!", "Carne Cesar", "Rooftop Ferno", "Abandon Ship!", "Nice Wheels", "Supervilla!", "The Hacienda", "The Jungle", and "Ultimate Underworld!" levels.

Rating 1

Extra health and combo time

Earn a Bronze medal on a level to increase your health and combo time.

Rating 0

Cheat Mode

To activate Cheat Mode, enter "ERNESTO" as a profile name. You will receive invincibility. Additionally, while playing any mission in Single Player mode, press Select to complete the mission with a "Gold" rank. Pressing Select in a Challenge match will allow you to pass one part of that match. On certain levels and challenges after obtaining a "Bronze" or higher, "Silver" or higher, or "Gold" rank, you will unlock more playable characters and maps in Multiplayer mode. Continue to do this to unlock everything.