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Chili Con Carnage Cheats "Unlockable Infinite Ammo Weapons" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Infinite Ammo Weapons

Unlock a chili for infinite ammunition for the following weapons by completing the corresponding levels without your combo meter reaching zero:

AK-47 - "Need A Ride level
Combat Shotgun (Spaz) - "Ay Mama" level
Grenade launcher - "Arena Del Toro" level
Heavy handgun (Python) - "Mucho Manure" level
Heavy machine gun - "Los Toros" level
Hunting Rifle - "Cargo Chaos" level
M-16 - "Rooftop Inferno" level
Rifle - "Something Rotten" level
Rocket launcher - "Final Mission" level
Shotgun - "Abandon Ship" level
Submachine Gun (Uzi) - "Nice Wheels" level

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