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Crash Bandicoot Cheats "Boss strategies" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Boss strategies

Defeat the following bosses by performing the corresponding strategies:

Island 1: Papu Papu
To defeat Papu, jump on top of his head while he swings his staff. (Repeat three times)

Island 2: Ripper Roo
To defeat Roo, detonate the Nitro boxes when he moves close to them. (Repeat three times)

Island 3: Koala King
To beat this boss, evade the first three boulders he hurls at you and spin-attack the fourth one. The rock will hit him! (Repeat four times)

Island 4: Pinstripe
To defeat Pinstripe, hide behind the furniture while he shoots his Tommy Gun from the tabletops. When climbs down to reload, spin attack him. (Repeat four times)

Island 5: Dr. Nitrus Brio
To beat this boss, evade the red and green beaker bombs he throws. Spin-attack the green ooze on the floor. (Attacking the blobs will depleate his energy.) When Dr. Brio has three energy bars left, he will turn into a monster. Jump from the platform and spin-attack his head.

Island 6: Dr. Neo Cortex
To defeat Cortex, evade his red and blue attacks, while spinning the green ones back at him. (By doing so, Crash assembles an Orb over the doctor's head. When it is complete, it falls and kills him.)

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