Def Jam: Fight For NY - The Takeover Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 6

Point Codes

Gain the following amounts of reward points by entering the corresponding codes at "Extras" > "Cheats":

100 points - BULLETPROOF
100 points - CROOKLYN
100 points - DASTREETS
100 points - DUCKETS
100 points - GETSTUFF
100 points - GOUNDRGRND
100 points - NEWJACK
100 points - REALSTUFF
100 points - THEEMCEE
100 points - THESOURCE
200 points - DRAGONHOUSE
200 points - REAL STYLE
200 points - SUPER FREAK
300 points - NEWYORKCIT

Rating 4

Unlockable Fighting Styles

Corperia - Martial arts, Martial arts, Kickboxing
Corphoria - Martial arts, Submissions, Submissions
Tang Lang Quan - Martial arts, Martial arts, Wrestling
Kung Fu - Martial arts, Submissions, Kickboxing
Karate - Martial arts, Martial arts, Streetfighting
Mui Thia kick-boxing - Kickboxing, Streetfighting, Wrestling
Cruiserweight - Submission, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung-Fu 1 - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung Fu 2 - Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Streetfighting
Jeet Kune Do 1 - Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Submission
Kung Fu 1 - Martial Arts, Submission, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 1 - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 2 - Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Street Brawl 3 - Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 4 - Martial Arts then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 5 - Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 6 - Martial Arts then Kickboxing
Technical Freak - Martial Arts then Submission
Tiger Claw 1 - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submission
Tiger Claw 2 - Martial Arts, Submission, then Streetfighting
Crouching Tiger - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submissions
Hidden Dragon - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Streetbrawling Freak - Submission, Wrestling, then Streetfighting

Rating 2

Music Codes

Unlock the following bonus music by entering the corresponding codes at "Extras" > "Cheats":

After Hours by Nyne - LOYALTY
Anything Goes by C-N-N - MILITAIN
Blindside by Baxter - CHOPPER
Bust by Outkast - BIGBOI
Comp by Comp - CHOCOCITY
Dragon House by Chiang - AKIRA
Get it Now by Bless - PLATINUMB
Koto by Chiang - GHOSTSHELL
Lil Bro by Ric-A-Che - GONBETRUBL
Man Up by Sticky Fingaz - KIRKJONES
Move! by Public Enemy - RESPECT
Original Gangster by Ice T - POWER
Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MC's - ULTRAMAG

Rating 2

Blazing environmental move

In places such as The Office, The Barge, and 125 Street Station, you can perform a Blazing environmental move. In order to perform this move your enemy must be in the danger zone, then perform a Blazing taunt at one of those places. For The Office, when you perform a Blazing environmental move, a cinematic view of you throwing your enemy out of the window will happen. For The Barge, it will do the same thing except your enemy will be thrown into the Hudson River. For 125 Street Station, your enemy will be thrown into the path of the train and get run over.