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Def Jam: Fight For NY - The Takeover Cheats "Unlockable Fighting Styles" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Fighting Styles

Corperia - Martial arts, Martial arts, Kickboxing
Corphoria - Martial arts, Submissions, Submissions
Tang Lang Quan - Martial arts, Martial arts, Wrestling
Kung Fu - Martial arts, Submissions, Kickboxing
Karate - Martial arts, Martial arts, Streetfighting
Mui Thia kick-boxing - Kickboxing, Streetfighting, Wrestling
Cruiserweight - Submission, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung-Fu 1 - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung Fu 2 - Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Streetfighting
Jeet Kune Do 1 - Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Submission
Kung Fu 1 - Martial Arts, Submission, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 1 - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 2 - Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Street Brawl 3 - Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 4 - Martial Arts then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 5 - Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 6 - Martial Arts then Kickboxing
Technical Freak - Martial Arts then Submission
Tiger Claw 1 - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submission
Tiger Claw 2 - Martial Arts, Submission, then Streetfighting
Crouching Tiger - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submissions
Hidden Dragon - Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Streetbrawling Freak - Submission, Wrestling, then Streetfighting

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