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Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness Cheats "10840 Bonus Stats (Statistician, Manager, Armsmaster, and Broker) glitch" (Sony PSP)


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10840 Bonus Stats (Statistician, Manager, Armsmaster, and Broker) glitch

Get your customer rank to about 6+ and pass the "Eyewear Inventory" bill, then go to the Battle Depot and check the glasses section. If you see "Foresight", go to it and check if there is a pre-subdued specialist already on it (orange circles). If so, buy it but don't equip it. Its only use is to move the specialist onto another piece of equipment and equip that. If you equip the glasses themselves you will not be able to move. There is also another item with a similar glitch, called "Tainted Staff". It is usually a pre-subdued "Alchemist - 11026"

2 years ago

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