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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road Cheats "Two Spirit Bombs glitch" (Sony PSP)


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Two Spirit Bombs glitch

The following trick only works in Training mode. ChooseGoku as your character and anyone as the opponent. Set the opponent to "Do Nothing" and set their Ki Blast Defense option to "Deflect-Back". Then, shoot a Ki Blast at them, wait a moment, then press Up + Circle to do your Spirit Bomb, but don't charge it up. If timed correctly, the attack will fly over the Ki Blast that your opponent has deflected back to you, and they will begin to take damage from your attack while the Ki Blast comes toward you. Once the deflected Ki Blast hits you, immediately press Select to refill your energy. Before your super move is completely finished hitting your opponent, prepare another that's fully charged. Your opponent will suddenly stop taking damage and your first attack will disappear. Once your fully charged attack starts flying toward your opponent, watch the attack. As soon as your opponent starts getting hit by your attack, you should see a second Spirit Bomb separate from the first and fly past your opponent before exploding. You can also do this with anyone else who has an "Energy Ball" super move, except for Kid Buu. It doesn't work with him because he is so short that whenever you do the first one, it always flies too low and cuts through the Ki Blast. Also, be sure to throw a Ki Blast at the beginning; if it doesn't hit you, you will enter a "recovery time" after launching the attack where you will not be able to move.

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