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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Cheats "Unlockable Vault Treasures" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Unlockable Vault Treasures

Unlock the following vault treasures by performing the corresponding tasks:

24 War Manuals - Beat game with the Shu faction.
4 Gods Statue - Make friends online with several people.
5 Colored stones - Collect all five Star Orbs.
Art Of War - Beat game with the Wu faction.
Awards Of Valor - Collect a large number of spoils in a single battle.
Banana Leaf Fan - Obtain an ultimate weapon.
Book Of Illusions - Beat Chapter 6.
Bronze Pheasant - Fully level up your city.
Dragon Ring - Beat a large number of bonus objectives.
Grand Histories - Beat Chapter 3.
He's Jade - Have a level 50 character.
Hex mark - Win a large number of Versus mode battles.
Imperial Seal - Victory in many battles.
Meng De's Manual - Beat the game with the Wei faction.
Mo Xie Sword - Learn all five star Chi Skills.
Red Hare - Defeat Lu Bu a large number of times.
Shadow Runner - Win several Legends quests.
Shan Hai Jing - Collect all Officer Cards.
War God Statue - Defeat all Musou officers.
Way Of Peace - Win a battle with every character.

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