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EA Replay Cheats "Jungle Strike: Fast Winch upgrade" (Sony PSP)


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Jungle Strike: Fast Winch upgrade

-There is a small gray and black object that resembles a spider on most levels. Do not destroy it. Pick it up to allow you to use the winch at twice the speed. It is located in the following areas:

Training Ground
Look near the first fence row below the starting area.

Night Strike
In one of the larger huts to the northeast of the landing zone. Start at the landing zone and go northeast for about three seconds until you see a small clearing with about four teepee-like houses and three large huts. Blast the huts to find the winch.

Pulso City
As you approach the first mission, go past it. It is on of the houses to the upper right of the mission.

Snow Fortress
As you go to secure the landing zone, it is in the house directly to he left of the igloo.

River Raid
Because you are in the F117-A the entire time, you do not have one in this level.

In one of the small pyramids on the left of the map toward the bottom.

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