EA Replay Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 4

Wing Commander: Level passwords

Unlock the following levels in the indicated star system by entering the corresponding passwords:

2 McAuliffe - 1RCCMCBLGW
3 Gimle - 1HCWFKVMZH
5 - Kurasawa - JHFHTFYMCO
6 - Venice - DGNWP2XCLW

Rating 3

Jungle Strike: Co-pilot passwords

To use any co-pilot in the following missions, enter the corresponding passwords:
Enter one of the following

Washington D.C. - B46HKRWT7SW
Sub Attack - R46HKRWT7SW
Training Ground - 946HKRWT7SW
Night Strike - X6PBV4HPGFR
Puloso City - V46HKRWT7SW
Snow Fortress - W46HKRWT7SW
River Raid - T6PBV4HPGFR
Mountains - 746HKRWT7SW
Return Home - N46HKRWT7SW

Rating 3

B.O.B.: Hidden bonus

Go to the area on level 1 with the stars that mark completion of the level. Use the helicopter or spring pads to enter a hidden room in the ceiling to collect all the weapons and remotes.

Rating 3

Jungle Strike: Extra lives

-To add seven more lives, replace the last three characters of any working password with "CBS".

-To get an extra life in Snow Fortress, after destroying the electrical cables the tank on the lower left of the screen above the building has a free life inside it.

-To gain around five lives in River Raid, stay in the helicopter before you get the F117-A. Go to the very top right corner of the level. Destroy the twin guns and blast open the little pyramids to gain around five lives.

Rating 3

Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf Passwords

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords:

Five lives - TQQQLOM
Ten lives - BQQQAEZ
Skip to Level 2 - KQAJJTP
Skip to Level 3 - WLLABED
Skip to Level 4 - BTOBKLW

Rating 3

Jungle Strike: Mission passwords

Unlock the following missions by entering the corresponding passwords:

Sub attack - RL6YXVTLZYV
Training ground - 9V6HK39W4HS
Night strike - XT6DBRV76GG
Puloso City - VNH3TL6HDB6
Snow fortress - WSDWSCFYVNV
River raid - TNZYK3RVMCJ
Mountains - 7GBTMJYK3XJ
Return home - N4SC9WL4SPH

Rating 2

Jungle Strike: Super passwords

Start at the following missions with ten lives and all co-pilots rescued by entering the corresponding passwords:

Sub attack - RXVWT74S6KB
Training ground - 9WT7NL6MHBV
Night strike - X7NL4SHPG94
Puloso City - VL4S6MGCZVH
Snow fortress - WA6MHPZJFTZ
River raid - TMHPGCFDYN3
Mountains - 7PGCZJYK34X
Return home - NCZJFD3BR67

Rating 2

Road Rash: Level passwords

Skip to the following levels by entering the corresponding passwords:

Level 1 - 00000 5UILC 5UIBN 17MN1
Level 2 - 00000 5UHDC 5VI76 27D3E
Level 3 - 00000 5VU3D 5USOI 37I9R
Level 4 - 00000 5VRJD 5VSEI 47V0V
Level 5 - 00000 5VM9D 5VTCB 57GO8
Level 5, final Grass Valley race - 11110 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I
Level 5, final Pacific Coast race - 10111 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I
Level 5, final Palm Desert race - 11101 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I
Level 5, final Redwood Forest race - 11011 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I
Level 5, final Sierra Nevada race - 01111 5VM9D 4VRDN 57G2I

Rating 2

Wing Commander: Infinite missiles

To be able to launch unlimited missiles, fire all missiles except for one. Then, use up all your gun ammuntion.

Rating 2

Jungle Strike: Less lives

To have only one life remaining, replace the last three characters of any valid password with "CDS".

Rating 2

Wing Commander: Cheat mode

To unlock a cheat menu with mission/area, sound test, and invincibility options, at the title screen, press X, Circle, X, Square, X, Square, L, Circle, R, Circle, Start.

Rating 1

Road Rash: Super password

To begin on level 4 with over $7 million in funds, enter "34441 01MS0 NV8UC 3QJ8R" as a password.

Rating 1

B.O.B.: Level passwords

2 - 171058
3 - 950745
4 - 472149
1 - 672451
2 - 272578
3 - 652074
4 - 265648
5 - 462893
6 - 583172
7 - 743690

1 - 743690
2 - 103928
3 - 144895
4 - 775092
5 - 481376

Note: Change the second number in any password to 9 for several remotes and other bonuses.

Rating 1

Jungle Strike: Super password

Enter "BXYTNMGCYDB" as a password.

Rating 1

Desert Strike: Use less fuel

Fly over water to use less fuel during a mission.

Rating 1

Road Rash: Easy money

To earn $10 million, start the game, race the default track (Sierra Nevada), and finish in 1st place. The third line on the password you first receive will be "000KU". Change that line to "UK000".

Rating 0

B.O.B.: Level skip

Find a location that contains life recharge power-up above a lava bed. Intentionally lose almost all your life. Jump into the lava and simultaneously use the life power-up to resume game play at the next level.

Rating 0

Road Rash: Diablo 1000 bike

To start with the Diablo 1000 superbike, enter "10000 02FM0 101B1 177E9" as a password.

Rating 0

Jungle Strike: Fast Winch upgrade

-There is a small gray and black object that resembles a spider on most levels. Do not destroy it. Pick it up to allow you to use the winch at twice the speed. It is located in the following areas:

Training Ground
Look near the first fence row below the starting area.

Night Strike
In one of the larger huts to the northeast of the landing zone. Start at the landing zone and go northeast for about three seconds until you see a small clearing with about four teepee-like houses and three large huts. Blast the huts to find the winch.

Pulso City
As you approach the first mission, go past it. It is on of the houses to the upper right of the mission.

Snow Fortress
As you go to secure the landing zone, it is in the house directly to he left of the igloo.

River Raid
Because you are in the F117-A the entire time, you do not have one in this level.

In one of the small pyramids on the left of the map toward the bottom.