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Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper Sony PSP Cheats

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Alternate costumes

Complete every character scenario to unlock the following alternate costumes in Free and Network Battle modes. Note: to switch to the alternate costume, highlight the character at the selection screen, then hold SELECT + SQUARE and press START.

Caren's Hollow Ataraxia outfit
Caster's school uniform
Rin with glasses

2 years ago

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Kalaido-Ruby (Magical Girl Rin) - Neko-Arc
Magical Amber (Magical Girl Kohaku) - Phantasmoon
Magical Caren - Magical Amber
Neko-Arc (Arcueid Cat) - All seven initial Story modes.
Phantasmoon (Magical Girl Arcueid) - Kalaido-Rubyz
Tiger-Sensei - Magical Ambe

2 years ago

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