FIFA 07 Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Increase player rating glitch

After finishing a game in Manager mode, you will see the player rating screen. Scroll down to one of your players and press the Circle (player bio) to make his stats appear. When they do, press the Back and your player rating for the entire team doubles. Repeat this until the match experience is full. You will then notice that his stats have gone up by two every match. When his stats for that position are full, swap strikers for your defenders and their stats will go up the opposite way.

Rating 3

Easy money hint

In Manager mode, go to the transfer market and sign the best free agents available. After signing them, put them up for sale immediately before their salary gets too high. This is a good way to make easy money because you will not be charged a transfer fee.

Rating 2

Easy scoring hint

As soon as you receive a center, run up to the keeper while avoiding all players except the player marking you (do not hold R) with about 50% to 75% power. You will score around 90% of the time.