FIFA 09 Sony PSP Cheats

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Easy FIFA points hint

Play "Football IQ" and choose your favorite team in "Friendly Match". Try answering correctly as much as possible to maybe earn as much as 10,000 FIFA points.

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Recommended players

Get the following players for your team:

Ag├╝ero (Athletic Madrid)
bale (Tottenham)
Balotelli Barwuah (Inter)
Baxter (Everton)
Dos Santos (Tottenham)
Jovetic (Fiorentina)
Pato (Milan)

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Save money on players

If you do not have the funds to sign quality players, take a look at the available free agents in the transfer market. You may find a really good player who is less expensive.

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Player transfers hint

Transfer players with an agreeable amount of salary. If trying to transfer players that are not for sale, you will need to pay a a lot of money to the club, usually more than the player's market price. If trying to transfer players who belong to "Free Agent", make sure the salary and the years of the contract are reasonable. Check the transfer market in "Free Agent". If the player's name doesn't appear at the transfer market, it means you have acquired the player and will be available next week.

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Recommended team

Use the following players in 3-5-2 formation in the corresponding positions:

Goalkeeper - Petr Cech
Defense - Sergio Ramos
Defense - Terry
Defense - Mertsacker
Midfielder - Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi
Midfielder - Anderson
Midfielder - Mikel or Essien
Midfielder.Jesus Navas
Midfielder - Dos Santos
Forward - Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo
Forward - Rooney