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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions Cheats "Rare item harvesting hint" (Sony PSP)

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Rare item harvesting hint

After equipping the skill "Tame" to a character and taming any class of monster, roam around the world map until you get monster eggs to hatch into the highest class of that monster. Bring it and anyone who has the ability "Poach" into battle and poach the monster. Its best to save right before the poaching battle so you can load afterward if you fail to get the item you were looking for. Ex. Tame a "Trent" and hatch them until you get "Elder Trent" then save and poach then check to see if you get the Knight Sword "Defender" or the more common "Guardian Bracelet." The only monster this hint does not work on is Ultima Demons.

2 years ago

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