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Full Auto 2: Battlelines Cheats "Hints from SEGA" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Hints from SEGA

-No single weapon is specific to a particular level. In other words, you aren't required to use the magic silver bullet to defeat a specific boss or anything like that. It depends on your particular play style. If you find yourself in the lead for most races, you may want to use a rear-firing weapon. Alternatively, if you seem to always lag behind, give yourself two front firing weapons.

-Most people tend to miss or skip the objectives for winning a race. Even though the objectives are highlighted before every race, people often want to get straight into the action and assume that being in first place will net them a win. Paying attention to the objectives and playing in that style, once you discover it, is vital.

-Keep your eyes open for the following special pickup weapons:

Radius Field - Hold onto this if you want to guarantee that you will stay in 1st place.
SAM - Use to score mass destructible when you need them, or use it to take all your opponents out at the right moment so you can snag 1st place.
Weapon X - Excellent around corners or anywhere you can’t clearly see. Once you learn the distance, it’s a fantastic tool.

-The following are a few general hints:

Event Completion - Every Track event requires you to cross the finish line. Some track events require you to cross the finish line within a time limit.
Auto Targeting - Your vehicle will auto target your opponents and traffic when aimed near them.
Special Targets - When near a Special Target your targeting icon turns yellow. Press TRIANGLE to lock on to the target.
Special Targets - When your targeting icon is red, press fire to take it out or press TRIANGLE to unlock the target.

-Heavy weapons do more damage but have slower fire rate. The chain gun, for instnace, does more damage than the machine gun. The 20mm cannon, or 70mm if available, have a useful knock around effect on enemies. The homing missile can also be very powerful since, once you get a lock-on, it tracks the target down.

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