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God of War: Ghost of Sparta Cheats "Unlockable Relics of the Gods" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Relics of the Gods

Find the following relics by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: You can only use the item after the game has been completed.

Aphrodite's Ambrosia (Might of Sparta attack) - Complete the sex mini-game in Sparta three times.
Athena's Owl (finds treasures). - After Kratos destroys the Athena statue in a cinematic, search the pile of debris on the right side.
Bonds of Ares (unlimited magic) - Enter the Domain of Death through the Death Gate in Atlantis and look in the southern area.
Callisto's Armlet (win context sensitive mini-games). - Immediately after defeating Callisto, search the ground near the battle.
Grave Digger's Shovel (play as Zeus in Arena Combat) - Unlock everything in the Temple of Zeus and follow the path that opens.
King's Ring (Collect 10x the amount of red orbs) - After King Midas turns the lava into gold, drop down by the area where he touched it.

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