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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Cheats ""Friggin' the Riggin'' mission hint" (Sony PSP)


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"Friggin' the Riggin'' mission hint

Before you go to Donald Love to start the mission, go to the Staunton Island Ammu-Nation to buy body armor and an AK-47 with at least 200 rounds of ammunition. Next, steal a Patriot or other maneuverable heavy vehicle and take it to the area where you begin the mission (Don's office). Begin the mission and fly through the intermission sequence. When you reach the Forreli Riggin' Garage, plow over the first two Forelli's, then get out of your car and pick up the grenades that are located between two white Pony's on your left. Blow up Pony's to avoid chasing them down later. Next, use the remaining grenades to blow up the Riggin' machines and save some flamethrower ammunition. With the AK-47, shoot down any Forelli gang members that enter the building. Be sure to pick up the sub-machine gun ammo that the Forelli's drop to save money. After you have lit all the ballots on fire, you will have some trouble getting out of Fort Staunton. Shooting down all the attacking Forelli's should give you a wanted level of two to four stars. However, once you have escaped Fort Staunton, the mission will be completed and you will have earned $1,500 as a reward.

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