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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Cheats "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City easter egg" (Sony PSP)


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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City easter egg

The actual "Easter egg" from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is back in Vice City Stories in the exact same location, literally under construction. Go to the bridge that leads to Prawn Island from the east side of Vice City. If you are coming directly from the Ammu-Nation, it will be on your left. It is the VCN building. Walk into the arrow to be on top of the VCN building. Walk up the ramps to get to the helipad and see that a part of the helipad touches the neighboring building. Run and jump into the window. If you hit it in the correct location, you go through the wall and see the Easter Egg from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, only it is still being made. It is a red metal frame (like a building that is under construction) and has a construction arm working on it. Also, the stand it rests on has a sign that has a smiley face and scribbles.

2 years ago

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