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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Cheats "Lead Lance from harm during "Jive Drive" mission:" (Sony PSP)


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Lead Lance from harm during "Jive Drive" mission:

To make things easier, stand and fight when it is safe and run when it is not. First, equip yourself properly with a shotgun with at least 10 shells and an AK47 with at least 70 rounds. You should also know how Lance behaves during this mission. Lance will follow you as long he can see you. If you sprint while he sees you, he will also sprint. Do not make any sharp turns around corners because, if he loses sight of you, he will run to the closest wall along the path to get to you and just run against the wall. Before entering the pink marker, equip the shotgun. At the start, go to pickup your brother at the airport. He makes you wait, then he surprises you. Go home. The Cholos will then try to exact revenge on you. Once you regain control of Vic, hit as many Cholos as you can. The trick to keeping your car free of damage is to kill every Cholo shooting at your vehicle. Aim for the heads of individuals and the tires of moving cars. Don't make vehicles explode since it could damage your car as well. If firing at a stationary cars, just fire away so the explosions kill nearby Cholos. If you reach the end, Lance will make "one more Lance Vance Chance". After Vic and Lance argue, it is time to flee. When the second part starts, equip the shotgun and run towards the Cholo infront of you. Kill as many Cholos in front of you as possible, then run down the street towards the water. It is critical that Lance can see you at all times. Keep your eye on traffic and stay to the right. Make sure Lance doesn't get run over by a car. Once you have Lance in tow, keep running down the street and cross Bayshore Avenue. Stay in the grassy area and hang out with Lance since you will be mostly safe from harm. You must kill all the Cholos that are represented by red blips on your radar, but you will now have the upper hand. Equip the AK47 and return towards the Cholos. They will be making their way towards you, but the AK's long range means you can kill the Cholos without them being able to target you with their SMGs. Lance will not be able to engage them either, which will keep him safe as well. Once you kill all the Cholos, take Lance home.

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