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Guilty Gear Judgment Cheats "Unlockable Characters" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Anji Mito - Complete Level 3-2 with Slayer
Axel Low - Complete Level 3-1 with Chipp Zanuff
Baiken - Complete Level 2-1 with Millia Rage
Bridget - Complete Level 2-1 with Ky Kiske
Chipp Zanuff - Complete Level 2-1 with Sol BadGuy
Dizzy - Complete Level 2-1 with May
Eddie - Complete level 2-1 with I-NO
Faust - Complete level 4-1 with Sol BadGuy
Jam - Complete level 3-2 with Potemkin
Johnny - Complete level 2-2 with Dizzy
Judgment - In Level 6-1, find all the letters that spell "JUDGMENT" that are in the various chests scattered around to unlock Judgment in Judgment mode.
Potemkin - Complete level 3-2 with Bridget
Slayer - Complete level 2-2 with Millia Rage
Testament - Complete level 4-2 with May
Venom - Complete level 3-1 with Eddie
Zappa - Complete level 2-2 with I-NO

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