Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Sony PSP Cheats

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Unlockable EX Characters

Unlock a character's EX version by defeating their Black EX form in the specified level. Alternately, play through at least one path of their Story mode Note: Justice and Kliff do not have an EX version:

EX A.B.A. - Survival Level 460 (defeat Black EX A.B.A.)
EX Anji - Survival Level 20 (defeat Black EX Anji)
EX Axl - Survival Level 260 (defeat Black EX Axl)
EX Baiken - Survival Level 80 (defeat Black EX Baiken)
EX Bridget - Survival Level 100 (defeat Black EX Bridget)
EX Chipp - Survival Level 220 (defeat Black EX Chipp)
EX Dizzy - Survival Level 360 (defeat Black EX Dizzy)
EX Eddie - Survival Level 240 (defeat Black EX Eddie)
EX Faust - Survival Level 60 (defeat Black EX Faust)
EX I-no - Survival Level 400 (defeat Black EX I-no)
EX Jam - Survival Level 300 (defeat Black EX Jam)
EX Johnny - Survival Level 340 (defeat Black EX Johnny)
EX Ky - Survival Level 140 (defeat Black EX Ky)
EX May - Survival Level 320 (defeat Black EX May)
EX Millia - Survival Level 180 (defeat Black EX Millia)
EX Order-Sol - Survival Level 420 (defeat Black EX Order-Sol)
EX Potemkin - Survival Level 120 (defeat Black EX Potemkin)
EX Robo-Ky - Survival Level 380 (defeat Black EX Robo-Ky)
EX Slayer - Survival Level 280 (defeat Black EX Slayer)
EX Sol - Survival Level 440 (defeat Black EX Sol)
EX Testament - Survival Level 160 (defeat Black EX Testament)
EX Venom - Survival Level 40 (defeat Black EX Venom)
EX Zappa - Survival Level 200 (defeat Black EX Zappa)