Gundam Assault Survive Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 2

Prequel bonuses

Have a saved game file from the demo version of Gundam Assault Survive. Create a character. Go to the shop and select the "Secret" option. Purchase the item that costs 0G to get 250,000G.

Have a saved game file from Gundam Battle Tactics, Gundam Battle Chronicle, or Gundam Battle Universe. Go to the shop and select the "Secret" option. Purchase the items that cost 0G to get 100,000G for each of them.

Rating 2

Providence Gundam

Use Rau's GuaiZ Custom and Rau Le Creuset at least ten times in Versus or Mission mode.

Rating 1

Rau's GuaiZ Custom

Buy the development plan of Guaiz Custom. Equip normal GuaiZ with Reserve Magazine parts that cost 582,000 (S-type). Upgrade the normal GuaiZ until it reaches 4500 TP. Then, go to the shop to purchase the GuaiZ Custom.

Rating 0

Gundam F91

Use Heavy Gun and G- Cannon five times with Seabook Arno as the pilot.

Rating 0

Famitsu Stage

Occasionally you get a random chance of getting the Weekly Famitsu item for 400 in the shop. To unlock the Famitsu Stage, fail every first mission (red and blue), but for 00 and Seed fail the first blue mission

Rating 0


Complete mission 18 "Owaranai Ashita he EX" and use Kira (Zaft) five times. Note: Kira (Zaft) does not have to pilot Aile Strike. Then, select Vs. Battle mode and set the time limit to 1 minute. Have Kira (Zaft) as your pilot five times.

Rating 0

Justice Gundam

Use Asuran in his Aegis Gundam ten times. Note: You must first complete some missions in the Seed tab.