Juiced: Eliminator Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Drag race belt exploit

When you have enough money ($10,000 is a decent amount to begin with), host your own event and make it a sprint. Allow only class one cars. This leads to either a corvette or a viper being the competitors. Make sure you always bet on the viper as it is much faster than the corvette. If both drivers have the same car, look for which car has the higher BHP. If they are identical or there is only one car, refrain from betting.

Rating 2

Easy money

On empty race days, create a sprint race and enter it. When it starts, use all your nitro and just keep pressing L near the redline. You will usually win about 95% of the time.
On empty race days, host a Class 1 sprint race. Bet all your money on the Dodge Viper, which will usually always win. If there are two Vipers, do not make a bet.

Rating 1

Unlock Extreme Nitrous Series in Arcade mode

Get a 100% completion in Career mode to unlock the Extreme Nitrous Series for play in Arcade mode.

Rating 0

All tracks and cars in Arcade mode

To unlock all tracks and cars in Arcade mode, go to "Extras" > "Cheats" and enter "PIES" as a code.