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Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble Cheats "Unlockable Titles" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Titles

Unlock the following Titles by performing the corresponding tasks:

Agoraphobe - Remain on the third floor of the Inn for the duration of the entire trip.
Alert - Drink strong tea fifty times.
Anti-Social - Never accompany the class on an outing.
Arch Support - Stay in the bridge position for a total of 6 hours.
Attempted Vegan - Eat fifty Veggie Bento meals.
Awake - Drink weak tea fifty times.
Bancho of Japan - Conquer all 47 prefectures of Japan.
Bancho Overlord - Personally defeat all 47 banchos in a single playthrough.
Boy Toy - Talk to fifty older women.
Bronze Fist - Defeat 300 enemies without using weapons (other than your fists).
Bus Boy - Visit all bus stops by bus.
Bus Fanatic - Only use the bus to travel and visit all stops.
Career Criminal - Get arrested fifteen times.
Chaperone - Play the game for the third time.
Chatty - Talk to fifty young men.
Chugoku Bancho - Conquer Hiroshima, Okayama, Tottori, Shimane, and Yamaguchi.
Constant Hair - Never change your hairstyle for the entire trip.
Curfew Breaker - Break curfew three times.
Curfew Hater - Break curfew every night.
Curious - Attempt to peek into the ladies' bath three times.
Desperate - Donate 50,000 yen to the Love Shrine.
Diplomat - Attack fifty foreigners.
English Student - Talk to fifty foreign men.
Ephebophile - Direct 100 Menchi Beams at young men.
Eyes of Doom - Defeat 100 delinquents using only your menchi beam.
Fashion Slave - Own every style of clothes and hair available.
Faster - Eat nothing for three days straight.
Fetal Position - Hold your knees for a total of six hours.
Flirt - Talk to fifty young women.
Foreign Affairs - Talk to fifty foreign women.
Gerontophobe - Direct 100 Menchi Beams at older men.
Gold Fist - Defeat 1,000 enemies without using weapons other than your fists.
Gourmet - Eat fifty Miyabi Bento meals.
Great Masochist - Complete the game without saving.
Harmless Rebel - Direct your Menchi Beam at police officers for a total of half an hour.
Headbanger - Sit in the Dogeza position for a total of six hours.
Hokkaido Bancho - Conquer Hokkaido.
Hokuriku Bancho - Conquer Fukui, Ishikawa, and Toyama.
Kanto Bancho - Conquer Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Tokyo, and Saitama.
Kinki Bancho - Conquer Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Shiga, and Wakayama.
Kneeler - Sit in the Seiza position for a total of six hours.
Koshinetsu Bancho - Conquer Nagano, Niigata, and Yamanashi.
Kyushu Bancho - Conquer Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Ooita, and Saga.
Millionaire - Collect one million yen.
Obedient - Keep curfew every night.
Obsessed - Attempt to peek into the ladies' bath every night.
Ogler - Direct 100 Menchi Beams at young women.
Okinawa Bancho - Conquer Okinawa.
Paranoid - Attack fifty non-delinquents.
Parking Lot - Sit in the squatting position for a total of six hours.
Pious - Donate a total of over 200,000 yen to the shrines.
Precognitive - Perform 100 successful reversal attacks.
Quick Learner - Use every local specialty move.
Quick-Witted - Initiate 50 Smash Talks.
Repeat Offender - Get arrested ten times.
Respectful - Talk to fifty older men.
Secret Finder - Find all the pennants hidden in Kyouto.
Shabazo King - Be a Shabazo master.
Shabazo - Act in a Shabai manner.
Shikoku Bancho - Conquer Ehime, Kagawa, Kouchi, and Tokushima.
Shut-In - Remain on the third floor of the Inn for an entire day.
Silver Fist - Defeat 500 enemies without using weapons other than your fists.
Smelly Clothes - Never change your clothing for the entire trip.
Sociopath - Attack 150 non-delinquents.
Souvenir Maniac - Own every type of souvenir food sold in Kyouto.
Speed Bump - Get hit by cars fifty times.
Staremaster - Defeat fifty delinquents using only your Menchi beam.
Starveling - Eat nothing for six days straight.
Studious - Donate 50,000 yen to the Kitano Tenmangu.
Stumbletounge - Respond to 50 Smash Talks.
Superstitious - Donate 50,000 yen to the Yasaka Shrine.
Sweet Tooth - Eat all types of souvenir foods in Kyouto.
Tohoku Bancho - Conquer Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata.
Tokai Bancho - Conquer Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka.
Touries - Collect all itineraries.
Tourist - Collect itineraries from every school visiting Kyouto.
Toy Collector - Collect all the wooden swords throughout Kyouto.
Train Man - Visit all train stops by train.
Train Otaku - Only use the train to travel and visit all train stops.
Wired - Drink x-strong tea fifty times
Xenophobe - Direct 100 Menchi Beams at foreign men.

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