Killzone: Liberation Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Cobar strategy

To defeat Cobar, run and the grab the missile launcher from the supply depot at the bottom left of your screen. While hiding behind the concrete block next to the depot, throw grenades at his machine gun. This enables you to lock on to his missile launchers (which causes the most damage). In order to lock on to one weapon at a time, hold L + R while firing or throwing grenades. Once enough damage has been done with the grenades, his missile launchers will turn so that you may see the holes. You can now lock onto them. From this position, shoot the left one first. Fire two rockets as fast as possible and make sure that you do not miss. If you miss, restart. After both rockets hit the left missile launcher, you must run around a bit. Make sure that you reload after the first two shots. In between the rockets that he shoots at you, aim at his right missile launcher and get both shots off. This may be easiest from either the tall cement pillar or the small cement block on the right, as neither barrier breaks down with damage. In any case, do whatever is needed to destroy the second missile launcher. At this point, he should not be able to hit you if you are behind one of the cement barriers. Either grab the sniper rifle or the crossbow that you brought with you (if over ten shots remain), and go to the cement barrier by the left supply depot. While holding L + R, hide behind the barrier and focus on the mine thrower on the top of the machine or the machine gun that is tearing you up. Time your shots so that you are hiding while he is shooting and you are shooting while he is reloading. Try to destroy this weapon as fast as possible. Spider Mines may start climbing out before you are finished with the weapon at hand. As soon as you see the Spider Mines climbing out, run to the supply depot and get the assault rifle (or counterpart) and immediately lock on to the Spider Mines that are coming towards you. Only about five are released at a time, but you must kill them while they close to the Boss so that they do not explode near you. Tap L(2) to roll out of the way if they are about to explode near you. Try to kill the Spider Mine hatch before more come out. After you kill the left, run to the other side, as more Spider Mines will also come out of there. Repeat the previous step then kill off this side as well. Go back to the left cement barrier, refilling any life that may have been lost. If you are hiding from the machine gun, get directly behind the barrier. If you are hiding from the mine thrower, get to the back right corner of the barrier, but directly up next to it. Get out of the way of the explosions or bullets. Time your shots in between his and take out the remaining guns.

Rating 2

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characaters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Cobar - Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.
Commando - Complete two player co-op mode.
Metrac - Complete the game under the easy, normal, and hard difficulty settings.
Specialist - Win 10 games in Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure Multi-player mode.
Stratson - Win 100 games in Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure Multi-player mode.

Rating 1

Campaign Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by completing the corresponding campaigns in single player mode under the listed difficulty settings:

Concept art pack #1 - Campaign 3-4 under the normal difficulty setting.
In-depth character profiles #1 - Campaign 1-1 under the easy difficulty setting.
In-depth character profiles #4 - Campaign 4-4 under the easy difficulty setting.
Jukebox - Campaign 2-4 under the normal difficulty setting.
Multi-player Character Cobar - Campaign 4-4 under the hard difficulty setting.
Multi-player Character Evelyn - Campaign 4-4 under the normal difficulty setting.
Wallpaper pack #1 - Campaign 1-4 under the easy difficulty setting.

Rating 1

Bigger Helghasts strategy

On the last chapter you will encounter some huge Helghast with riot shields and electric clubs. Be careful as two hits from that club will kill you. The best method is to use heavy weaponry. Rocket launchers are good but there aren't any around the first time you encounter them. The Helghast Chaingun works great as well. If you shoot at them enough, eventually you will hit their head and they will fall. Take the opportunity to shoot them while they are down. You can also run around crates and boxes until you can sneak up behind them, then tear up their back with the chaingun. Additionally, when you have the mini-Boss fight with the Colossal Helghast, the chaingun is the best weapon to use as long as you don't overheat it too much but fire in short bursts.

Rating 1

Unlockable Abilities

Unlock the following abilities by getting the corresponding numbers of points by completing challenges. To choose an ability, press Square at the weapon selection screen:

Carry three grenades - 20 points
Carry three syringes - 60 points
Placement C4 twice as fast - 100 points
Carry three smoke grenades - 140 points
Trip mines disarmed twice as fast - 180 points
Carry four pressure mines - 220 points
Close combat damage doubled - 260 points
50% more health - 300 points
Your partner has 50% more health - 340 points
Infinite ammunition - 480 points

Rating 0

General Metrac strategy

In the first area, simply continue shooting at him (preferably with the revolver) and toss grenades to force him out of hiding. After losing some health, he will toss a smoke grenade and run away. Grab any supplies and take the M82 or keep the revolver. The second area is slightly wider and Metrac will run around on a catwalk to the right and top. Shoot the valves on the right side when he is over there so fire shoot out of the valve, blocking off that area from Metrac. The best way is to trap him on the right or in between the two fire jets (use the object lock). Metrac will retreat again after taking enough shots and go into a third area. Resupply, then follow him. In this area, it is best to use the M82 just because it fires more shots, which is good since you don't have much time to be precise. Metrac will be in a mounted machine gun turret, which is heavily armored. If ou sit there and shoot at the turret, you would probably run out of ammunition (although you can destroy the turret this way). Instead, shoot the generators on either side by throwing grenades at them first, then finishing them off with the M82. The gun will power down and Metrac will get out to do the same little dance he did in the other two areas: fire some shots, then launch grenades, reload, and repeat. Shoot him the same way you did before, but be careful. All the boxes except the ammo boxes and the two crates that are front of you can be destroyed. When he is launching grenades, wait until the grenade is in the air, then move so the grenade lands in your previous location and doesn't hurt you. Repeat this strategy to eventually win.