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Lord of Arcana Cheats "Unlockable Titles" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Titles

Unlock the following titles by performing the corresponding tasks:

Dragon Hegemony - Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-type monsters.
Dragonier - Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-type monsters.
Emperor - Defeat 15 or more Vermilion-type monsters.
Fire Spinner - Defeat 30 or more Agni-type monsters.
Giant - Defeat 30 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.
Grace Under Pressure - Defeat 5 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.
Gravity - Defeat 15 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.
Heavenly Ruler - Defeat 5 or more Bahamut-type monsters.
Poison-Eater - Defeat 5 or more Azdaja-type monsters.
Scarlet King - Defeat 30 or more Vermilion-type monsters.
Slashing Soul - Defeat 5 or more Vermilion-type monsters.
Soul Of Fire - Defeat 5 or more Agni-type Monsters.
Two-Headed - Defeat 30 or more Azdaja-type monsters.
Viper - Defeat 15 or more Azdaja-type monsters.
Volcano - Defeat 15 or more Agni-type monsters. 

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