Madden NFL 08 Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 5

Recommended players in Franchise mode

-When playing in Franchise mode, visit the Free Agent screen and sign a free agent named Jordan Beck. He is a middle linebacker 71 overall. Change his position to defensive end and he will be 90 overall. The same thing works for most of the other linebackers when changed to defensive end. Also, you can change Ladainian Tomlinson's position to linebacker. Do this, then trade for him. He will have an F trade rating and his team will accept almost any player in a trade. When signed, release him and resign him to save cap room. Then, change his position back to running back. He will be 99 again. This can be done for lots of other players.

-In Franchise mode, take any quarterback in the league (Peyton Manning is the highest overall). When you go to the roster and choose them, go to edit the player and change his position to a WR. He will have a 30 overall (if you selected Manning), and you can trade any pick or player for him.

-Go to the "Trade" screen in "Roster Management" and go to your favorite team. Trade for very young players in every position, then edit them to the best stats and go to Franchise for a great team.

Rating 5

Player weapons

On offense, check the player weapons (L). If one of the receivers has a star, it means that this player can make a hard (tough) catch. If a player has a shoe with angel wings on it, it means that player is fast. For other weapons, check the manual or the game option "Player Weapons".

Rating 3

Start your Superstar with 99 in ratings in Superstar mode

Go into the Superstar Hall Of Fame and choose a player based on which position you would like to play through, appearance, etc. At this point you are not selecting them, but you know which player to alter. Go into Roster mode, to the players' team, and start alteration. You can change all the characteristics that let you highlight them as usual. Once you have changed the appearance, etc. go to ratings and adjust them as desired. Go back into Superstar mode and the player you modified will be at the top (if you made them with perfect ratings).

-Go to the rosters and look for a player that is a rookie at your position. Alter that player as desired (appearance, build, etc.), then change the ratings to suit your taste. If needed, trade that player to your favorite team. When leaving rosters the game will save. Then, start Superstar mode and select "Rookie from 07 class". Be aware that this player's ratings will apply to other game modes. Select your player and continue.

Rating 3

Easy 99 awareness rating

While creating a Superstar custom character, assign his awareness attribute to 0. Doing so leaves you with more points to assign to other desired attributes. Once done, go to the IQ test and fail it by letting time expire. You'll receive a notification that you did poorly, which adjusts your awareness rating from 0 to 99.

Rating 3

3 or 4 human players on same team

-To play with four players on the same team, do the following: Player 2 must be using a wireless controller. Turn three controllers on and select the same team with the first two controllers. When the game starts, press Start with controller 1. Turn off controller 2. Set all three controllers to the same team. Turn back on controller 2 just before resuming the game.

-To get four human players on the same team, do the above and press start on controller 3. Turn controllers 1 and 2 off. With controller 3 go to the controller setup and move player 4 to the same team as player 3. Turn controllers 1 and 2 back on just before resuming the game.

Rating 3

1st round picks

Turn off the trade deadline. At the last week of the season trade for first round picks with the team that has the worst record.

Rating 3

Draft pick franchise building hint

Do the if you're looking to build a longterm dynasty that will last over many seasons. Note: This works best with "great" teams (like the Patriots, Colts and Chargers) and "good" teams (like the Jaguars, Broncos, and Cowboys). However, it is possible to work with any team. After completing your pre-season games, don't advance to the regular season. Instead, head to the trading block. Offer up your first round pick and ask for a first, second and fourth round pick in return. With a decent enough team, you will receive offers from all of the bottom teams (like Buffalo, Houston, Detroit, or whoever happens to be bad that season). So, with the bad team's first, second and fourth picks (for instance), you can offer your own second, third and fourth picks. Ask for a first, third and fourth pick in return. You must be flexible though, because you won't always be able to get what you want in return. If it works, you'll have two first round picks, a second round pick, a third round pick, and two fourth round picks (or something similar). This is incredible when you are building a franchise. Better yet, you can do this every year, making your franchise stronger and stronger with young, talented players.

Rating 3

Getting players in Fantasy Challenge mode

Make sure you have all the desired players from that league on your team before the final game (championship). You will not be able to get the players if you win the championship, as you will move on to the next league.

Rating 3

Touchbacks in Superstar mode

Use the following trick to obtain influence credits for touchbacks from kickoffs or punts for a Superstar punter and kicker, and to make sure that your touchbacks will be credited to your Hall of Fame resume as well as your stats line. Do not just boot the ball out of the endzone so that the returner cannot catch it. Instead, make sure the returner catches the ball and kneels down.

Rating 2

Easy touchdowns hints

-Off the line, without speed burst, immediately juke right then left. The CB will be fooled. Speed burst, run a 45 degree angle to the center of the field, and call for the ball. The CB will either be far away or he will be behind you, and you will catch it almost every time for an easy touchdown. This also works during games, but it takes some of the fun out of running routes. Instead of right then left, do left then right and catch the ball running up the line for a big gain.

-For an easy touchdown or first down, make sure that you have a fast QB or this might not work. When it is third down and you need a first down, call a pass play and the defenders will lay off you slightly. When you see an open gap, run in that direction. Run in a 45 degree angle when defenders start to get close. When a group of defenders start to approach you, make a QB dive so that you cross the line to get a first down or touchdown. This also works well in Superstar mode. Do not wait too long or you may get sacked.

-To score easily, get a spread set with two receivers on one side, then do a hot route on the inside receiver and press the Right Analog-stick in the opposite direction of the quarterback, making an outer slant. This should help you score or get a lot of yards.

Rating 1

Bonus teams

To unlock NFC hall of fame, AFC hall of fame, dummies, glaciers, receivers, and tridents, defeat them in Fantasy Challenge mode. They are in the Supreme league. You can also buy their Madden cards for 100 tokens.

Rating 1

Recommended players in Fantasy Challenge

In Fantasy Challenge mode, two great and cheap players are Mike Alstott (FB) and Antrell Rolle (CB). Rolle has great catching and it is almost a guaranteed interception in every game that he plays. You should get the cheapest players at every position, then save it. Go to "Rosters" under "Features" at the main menu and increase your players to a 99 overall. Doing this will make your team cheap and outstanding. Also, no one will be able to negotiate your players away.

Rating 1

Set team and player rating in Superstar mode

At the main menu, go to "My Madden" then to "Create-A-Player". Create them however desired, but set what team you want to be on in Superstar mode and make them a rookie. When you go to "Player Rating", choose "Create Custom". You can now make your player as good or bad as desired. Exit the Create-A-Player mode. If you do not want to change your default rosters, choose the "Keep player without saving" option. Then, go to "Game Modes" and select "Superstar". Then, select "New Superstar" and choose the "Play as Rookie" option. Find your created person under the list of players. This will give you control of the Superstar at the start of preseason, and he will be exactly the same that as he was when you created him. This works well if you are bad at the mini-games and cannot get a good player normally.

Rating 1

Easy kicker and punter stats in Superstar mode

If you are a punter, put him as a QB. Then, on your audibles, set a play called "Punt". If you are a kicker, put him as a QB and set "Field Goal" on your audible. Call the audible as soon as the offensive line is formed. You can now rack up more field goals from your opposition's 42 yard line forward. If the ball is spotted on the 50 yard line, you will shoot from about 15 to 18 yards further back than that (which is already an NFL record).

Rating 1

Get drafted by any team on Superstar hall of fame in Superstar mode

When making your profile at the main menu, choose the team that you want to be drafted by as your favorite team. When you start your superstar and get to the draft, a message will appear stating "Would you be interested in being drafted by your favorite team?". Select "Yes" and you will be on that team.

Rating 0

Maintaining positive ego in Superstar mode

-Even when you can back up a promise and win the game, never arrange media with the agent if you want to keep a positive ego and avoid becoming a "lone wolf". However, being a "lone wolf" is useful for transforming a pocket QB to a makeshift scrambling QB.

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Hide plays from friends

To hide a play, hold X while the play you want to select is highlighted. Then, move to another play while continuing to hold X. Release X to go to the field.