Madden NFL 12 Sony PSP Cheats

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Get #1 Overall Pick in the Draft

When starting your franchise, turn the trade deadline off. After completing the regular season, whether you made the playoffs or not, in the wild card round of the playoffs, trade your first round pick, your third round pick and your sixth round pick to the team that finished with the worst record (#1 overall pick) for their first round pick, second round pick, and third round pick. For some reason, the computer will accept this trade.

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Scouting and drafting hint

Use this method when you choose to scout and draft. Sort each position by potential, making sure the round projections are higher than if you were to choose to sort again. Now write down the players names in this order for each position say 6-10 or whatever you feel comfortable with. This is now your draft/scout board just like a real NFL GM or coach. When drafting/scouting, the higher the player is on this board the more likely it will be a great pick.

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Gatorade celebration

Press L1 + R2 + L2 + R2 during the final thirty seconds of a game to make your players dump Gatorade on the coach when the game is over.

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Hidden Developers Team

Go to a Play Now match and repeatedly press the Random Team button (L2). Eventually you will find the Developers Team: a very strong team consisting of the game's developers.