Me And My Katamari Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Sound Test tracks

Complete the game and watch the credits to unlock the 'Blue Orb' and 'Song For King Of Kings' songs at "Vacation Memorial" > "Sound Test".

Rating 2

Eternal mode

To unlock the Eternal version of a stage, get over 80 points as your second score at the end of a normal mode stage. In Eternal mode, the time limit is removed.

Rating 1

Katamari Damacy mini-game Evening level

To unlock the Evening level, beat the Katamari Damacy mini-game.

Rating 1

Katamari Damacy mini-game: Dashing

Hold Triangle to hear a little sound and make Katamari move a bit faster.

Rating 1

Katamari Damacy mini-game

To unlock the Katamari Damacy mini-game, beat the game. After the King speaks during the ending sequence, a short level based on the original Katamari Damacy in classic 8-bit style will begin. You can control the mini-game during the credits by using the D-pad to move and Circle to jump.

Rating 1

Alternate name board

To have the island's name board will appear on a strobe light name board instead of wood, get a 100% object collection by finding all 2,434 objects.

Rating 0

Katamari Damacy mini-game Night level

To unlock the Night level, reach the Castle in the Evening level of the Katamari Damacy mini-game.