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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Cheats "Boss weaknesses" (Sony PSP)


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Boss weaknesses

The following are Maverick weaknesses, resistance's, and weapons:

Armored Armadillo
Weak against - Electric Spark (removes his shield)
Resistant to - Rolling Shield, X Buster
Upgrades - Rolling Shield

Boomerang Kuwanger
Weak against - Homing Torpedo
Resistant to - Boomerang Cutter, X Buster
Upgrades - Boomerang Cutter

Chill Penguin
Weak against - Flame Wave
Resistant to - Shotgun Ice
Upgrades - Shotgun Ice, Head Capsule

Flame Mammoth
Weak against - Storm Tornado, Boomerang Cutter (removes his trunk)
Resistant - Flame Wave, X Buster
Upgrades - Flame Wave, Leg Capsule

Launch Octopus
Weak against - Rolling Shield, Boomerang Cutter (removes his tentacles)
Resistant to - Homing Torpedo, X Buster

Spark Mandrill
Weak Against - Shotgun Ice (freezes him)
Resistant to - Electric Spark, X Buster
Upgrades - Electric Spark

Sting Chameleon
Weak against - Boomerang Cutter (stops his current attack)
Resistant to - Chameleon Sting, X Buster
Upgrades - Chameleon Sting, Buster Capsule

Storm Eagle
Weak against - Chameleon Sting (limits his swooping move)
Resistant to - Storm Tornado
Upgrades - Storm Tornado, Body Capsule

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