Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 4

Hadouken attack

Once you have all tanks and life expansions for Megaman, enter the Armored Armadillo level five times until the end. On the fifth time, when you are in the cart that jumps and leads to the Boss door, jump to the ledge to find a capsule with Doctor Light and the Hadouken Street Fighter style. Alternately, go through the Armored Armadillo level without getting hit once. At the very end, when the cart is flying through the air, dash jump to a ledge when the cart starts to descend slightly. There should be a Doctor Light capsule there, and he will give you the Hadouken attack. Note: You need full health to use this attack. Also, roll forward as if you were using it in Street Fighter 2. This move can kill anything with one blast.

Rating 3

Sigma's first form strategy

Use the purple Charge Chameleon Sting followed by the Electric Spark attack (charged or not). To dodge his slash, jump up the wall. When he shoots, jump up the wall and dodge his bullets. When Sigma jumps up the wall from you, fall when he is on the other side of the wall. Repeat the Charge Chameleon and the Electric Spark attack until Sigma has been defeated.

Rating 1

Completion bonuses

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Alternate title screen - Complete the game
Vile and the Megaman X anime movie - Complete the game with X
Infinite energy - Complete the game with Vile

Rating 1

Getting Zero's Buster

To get Zero's Buster, get all upgrades for Megaman minus the arm upgrade. Keep playing until you fight Vile the second time in Sigma Palace 3. Defeat him while making sure you do not have the arm upgrade. After defeating him, you will automatically get Zero's Buster from him.

Rating 1

Armor locations

Find the following armor in the corresponding locations:

Body Capsule
In Storm Eagle's level, beyond blocks that must be broken with the Head Upgrade. It is after the thin tower that you climb.

Buster Capsule
In Sting Chameleon's level, after climbing up a cliff at the beginning of the level, just destroy the green robot. Note
The Dash Upgrade is needed.

Head Capsule
In Chill Penguin's level, beyond blocks that must be kicked by using the Leg Upgrade. The blocks are found on the right side of a wall in the base.

Leg Capsule
In Flame Mammoth's level, in a small room which can be accessed by jumping up the left side of a wall after falling through the first long fall.

Rating 0

Easy lives in Armored Armadillo level

At the beginning of the level, jump on then off the trolley-like object as fast as possible and run down the path. There should be structures coming out of the ceiling when you reach the bottom. The first has a mechanical bat enemy and the second one has bat-like enemy that looks real. Also kill the flamingo enemy. When you kill the realistic bat, almost every time it dies it will drop an extra life. Run back to where the second structure on the ceiling is off screen, then run back and kill it again. Keep repeating this process to get as many lives as desired.

Rating 0

Boss weaknesses

The following are Maverick weaknesses, resistance's, and weapons:

Armored Armadillo
Weak against - Electric Spark (removes his shield)
Resistant to - Rolling Shield, X Buster
Upgrades - Rolling Shield

Boomerang Kuwanger
Weak against - Homing Torpedo
Resistant to - Boomerang Cutter, X Buster
Upgrades - Boomerang Cutter

Chill Penguin
Weak against - Flame Wave
Resistant to - Shotgun Ice
Upgrades - Shotgun Ice, Head Capsule

Flame Mammoth
Weak against - Storm Tornado, Boomerang Cutter (removes his trunk)
Resistant - Flame Wave, X Buster
Upgrades - Flame Wave, Leg Capsule

Launch Octopus
Weak against - Rolling Shield, Boomerang Cutter (removes his tentacles)
Resistant to - Homing Torpedo, X Buster

Spark Mandrill
Weak Against - Shotgun Ice (freezes him)
Resistant to - Electric Spark, X Buster
Upgrades - Electric Spark

Sting Chameleon
Weak against - Boomerang Cutter (stops his current attack)
Resistant to - Chameleon Sting, X Buster
Upgrades - Chameleon Sting, Buster Capsule

Storm Eagle
Weak against - Chameleon Sting (limits his swooping move)
Resistant to - Storm Tornado
Upgrades - Storm Tornado, Body Capsule