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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Cheats "Character Passwords" (Sony PSP)


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Character Passwords

Unlock the following characters by entering the corresponding passwords:

Cunningham - "JUNKER"
Elisa - "THE-L"
Eva - "E.APPLE"
Ga Ko - "!TRAUMER"
Gene - "ERBE"
Major Zero - "1+2-3"
Null - "Hunter-n"
Ocelot - "R.R.R."
Para-Medic - "PM-EMS"
Python - "LQ.N2"
Raikov - "IVN =RV"
Sigint - "DARPA-1"
Sokolov - "SATURNV"
Teliko - "T.F-ACID"
Ursula - "PK +ESP"
Venus - "MGA2VE"

To unlock Cunningham alternatively, defeat Cunningham on any difficulty setting by stamina depletion with the MK22 and complete the game before the in-game date reaches January 1, 1971. Save after the credits and load the game. Get to a point where you can save the game. Save it, then exit the game completely. Restart the PSP, load your game, and you will get a message saying you have a new solider, which is Cunningham.

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